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Hex Head Cap Screws- Domestic and Import

Hex head cap screws (HHCS for short), also called a hex cap are screws/bolts with six-sided heads with protruding flat sides for use with wrenches or sockets. These are a very common head choice when it comes to bolts and screws. Hex Head Cap Screws come in a large variety of sizes, lengths, and diameters; these heads allow the user to apply low to very high amounts of torque where a phillips or flat head would otherwise be stripped. Used in a wide variety of work from industrial machinery to basic automotive and many other applications.

Widespread Industrial Supplies, Inc. is your premier source for all of your bolting needs. These bolts, known as hex cap screws or machine bolts, have hexagonal heads and machine threads for use with a nut or in a tapped hole. We carry Grade 2 (A307), Grade 5, and Grade 8 bolting in both domestic and imported materials, in both plain and plated finishes. Need a stronger bolt than Grade 8? We are also a stocking supplier of the L9 and F911 high strength fastening systems. Browse our selection of stainless steel fasteners, including SS18-8 and SS316. Have a special requirement for exotic alloy or stainless steel? Ask us about our ability to provide, SS310, 316. 321 and 347 bolting, as well as B7 and B16 alloy steel heavy hex bolts.

The materials this bolt is available in:
-Stainless steel 18-8
-Stainless steel 316
-Zinc plated steel
-Zinc plated grade 5 steel
-Zinc plated grade 8 steel yellow
-Grade 8 steel plain finishes
-Chrome plated grade 5 steel
-Hot dipped galvanized steel
-Tap bolts are another form of hex bolts but they have are a full thread bolt with a six sided head.
-Also available in metric sizes.

Types of Hex Head Cap Screws

Grade 8 UNC & Grade 8 UNF

Grade 8 UNC & Grade 8 UNF Hex Head Cap Screws

Grade 5 UNC & Grade 5 UNF

Grade 5 UNC & Grade 5 UNF Hex Head Cap Screws


L9 Hex Head Cap Screws - ASME standard B18.2.1-1996 specifies Hex Cap Screws that range in size from 0.25–3 in (6.35–76.20 mm) in diameter. These fasteners are very similar to hex bolts. They differ mostly in that they are manufactured to tighter tolerances than the corresponding bolts. Machinery's Handbook refers parenthetically to these fasteners as "Finished Hex Bolts". Reasonably, these fasteners might be referred to as bolts, but based on the US government document Distinguishing Bolts from Screws, the US government might classify them as screws because of the tighter tolerance. In 1991 responding to an influx of counterfeit fasteners Congress passed PL 101-592 "Fastener Quality Act" This resulted in the rewriting of specifications by the ASME B18 committee. B18.2.1 was re-written and as a result they eliminated the "Finished Hex Bolts" and renamed them the "Hex Cap Screw"—a term that had existed in common usage long before, but was now also being codified as an official name for the ASME B18 standard.